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Tesla Model Y Mattress - Mattress For Model Y/X

Tesla Model Y Mattress - Mattress For Model Y/X

(100+ rating)

Ships from USA or Germany

Transform your Tesla Model Y into a comfortable sleeping area with this specially designed mattress. Experience the ultimate comfort on long drives, road trips or midday naps. Its plush, luxurious design ensures your journeys are as relaxing as possible, allowing you to effortlessly drift off into a peaceful slumber.

  • Custom-designed to fit the Tesla Model Y

  • Made with Certified Memory-Foam Material

  • Fit Perfectly within the Frunk and subtrunk

  • Design to give you the best car sleep experience

  • Roll up Version
  • 3-Mats Stacked
Tesla Model Y Mattress - Mattress For Model Y/X

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Unique Experience

Comfortable Model Y bed


Design by and for 
Tesla Owners

The TESCAMP Model Y mattress comes with a convenient set of accessories, including a cover, carrying bag, and mattress sheet. With these included items, you have everything you need to start using the mattress immediately and easily transport it whenever needed. The mattress cover is removable and washable, allowing you to maintain cleanliness and freshness between uses effortlessly.
  • Designed for Tesla Model Y with comfortable support.

  • Complete set with protective cover, portable bag, and bed sheet.

  • Memory foam for cozy sleep.


Roll-up Version

3-Mats Version




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Tesla Model Y Mattress

Ultimate Comfort on Your Model Y

Certified memory foam, soft yet supportive, and covered with a short plush cover, this camping mattress gives you the feeling of a home-like bed for all your trips. Say goodbye to uncomfortable inflatable mattresses and enjoy a good rest no matter where you are.
Tesla Model Y Mattress

Perfect Fit for the Model Y Trunk and Frunk

Compact and space-saving, this camping mattress is easy to pack and fits snugly in the sub-trunk or frunk of your Model Y. With built-in fastening clips and straps, setup is a breeze, and you'll have more room for all your gear.
Tesla Model Y Mattress

Offers Maximum Sleeping Area

The TESCAMP mattress is specifically designed to fit the unique contours of your Model Y, providing maximum sleeping area and comfort. Don't settle for a one-size-fits-all mattress that leaves you feeling cramped and uncomfortable.
Tesla Model Y Mattress

Effortless Setup in Your  Model Y

Setting up this camping mattress in your Model Y is a piece of cake. Simply move the front seats forward, fold down the back seats, place the plastic board under the pad as the head area, cover it with the sheet, and you're ready for a home-like rest.
Tesla Model Y Mattress

The 3 Mats Stacked Version

Our exclusive Model Y mattress comes in a three-mat version, aligned perfectly side by side. This innovative design not only ensures a tailored fit to the unique contours of your Model Y but also provides unparalleled flexibility. Whether you're on a solo trip or with companions, the tri-fold setup can be adjusted to fit your requirements, offering individualized comfort zones. Furthermore, storage and transport are made effortless as each segment can be rolled or folded independently, ensuring your on-the-road sleeping solution is as versatile as the journeys you embark upon.

Let's Hear What Our 
Customers Say

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Saves me on my overnight shifts at work

This Tesla mattress was a great purchase. It strikes a perfect balance between size and comfort. I wanted a mattress that I could keep in the frunk or sub trunk and still have a ton or room for other stuff and this turned out to be perfect.

Bowden (Tesla Model Y Owner)


Best mattress I've tried hands down!

I have tried two others before buying this mattress. This is the most convenient and comfortable one I've ever used! It fits my model Y perfectly and wraps almost every corner. This mattress is very easy to carry, easy to install and store.

Geovanni espana (Tesla Model Y Owner)


Comfortable and easy to pack away

I like everything in this mattress, just about right. I was searching for a mattress to go car camping, my hard requirement is that it should fit in frunk or sub-trunk. Other mattresses are bulky and occupy more than half of trunk.

James (Tesla Model Y Owner)

Asked Questions

If you haven’t found the answer you need, email us at tescampshop@outlook.com!

What material is used in the mattress?

The Tescamp mattress is made with high-quality materials to ensure a comfortable sleeping experience. It typically features a multi-layer structure that includes memory foam and supportive base foam. The cover is often made of a soft and durable fabric that is easy to clean.

What is included with the mattress?

The mattress comes with a cover, carrying bag, and mattress sheet. This provides everything you need to use the mattress right away and transport it between uses. The cover of the mattress can be removed and washed. This makes it easy to keep the mattress clean and fresh between uses.

Will the mattress fit my Model Y?

Yes, the TESCAMP mattress is designed to fit perfectly in the trunk or frunk of the Tesla Model Y. The contoured part of the mattress is designed based on the Model Y's trunk floor shape, so it fits the Model Y 100% and the Model X 90%.

How does the mattress fit in the Tesla Model Y?

The mattress is custom-made to fit the dimensions of the Tesla Model Y cargo area. It is specifically designed to cover the entire trunk area when the seats are folded down, providing a flat and comfortable sleeping surface.

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