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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page! Here, we've compiled responses to a range of common
inquiries concerning Tescamp, our innovative product line, our policies, and additional relevant topics.
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1. General Questions

In the unfortunate event that you discover your item has sustained damage or appears to be lacking certain components, we kindly request that you refer to the sections titled "Damaged Items" or "Missing Parts" for further guidance and assistance.
Have you had a change of heart and are considering returning your purchase?
To initiate your return process, kindly navigate to the "My Orders" segment found within the "My Account" area on our website. We are pleased to accommodate returns for the majority of items, provided that they are returned within a 30-day window following the delivery date. It is imperative that the item(s) being returned adhere to the following conditions:
  • The item(s) should be in the state in which they were originally received, free of any damage or alterations.
  • If the item(s) were delivered in a disassembled state, they must be returned in a disassembled state as well.
  • All returns should be packaged in the original packaging material. In instances where the initial packaging is excessively damaged and not suitable for return shipping, please secure a box comparable to the original in terms of dimensions, or utilize a box that does not exceed 108 inches in length. It is important to note that carriers such as FedEx and UPS are unable to facilitate shipments that exceed a weight limit of 150lbs.
A few items are non-returnable:
A few items are non-returnable:
  • Open box products (no returns or replacements allowed).
  • Clearance merchandise..Gift cards.
  • Customized or personalized items.
  • Discounted bundled items (e.g., "5 for $25" offers) unless the whole bundle is returned.
  • Products labeled as "Non-Returnable" on their respective sales pages.
  • Swatches.
You can find detailed, step-by-step guidance on how to successfully navigate the return process in the "Return Instructions" section.
Return Shipping Fee
Please note that the relevant return shipping expenses will be subtracted from the total amount of your refund. These costs might fluctuate based on various factors including the origin of the return, and the size and weight of the item, as well as the method of return chosen. Moreover, any delivery shipping fees or service charges that were initially collected on the order are non-refundable. The non-refundable charges encompass the following:
  • A $8.99 fee associated with the requirement for an adult signature upon delivery.
  • Charges incurred for opting for enhanced shipping options, such as expedited or express delivery, or choosing a specific room for delivery.
  • Fees related to premium delivery service enhancements, like assembly services or selecting a preferred room for the delivery of the item.
Note: In the scenario where an order is reverted back to us due to a refusal of delivery on your part, please be informed that the corresponding return costs will be incurred by you. These charges will be accurately calculated and subsequently deducted from the total amount slated to be refunded to you.
Refund Timing
Once we have received your item(s) at our designated Return Center, we will begin processing your refund. Typically, this process is completed within a timeframe of 5-7 days; however, please be aware that in some cases it might extend up to a period of 2 weeks. To gain a more comprehensive understanding of the refund process and the expected timeframe for receiving refunds, we invite you to consult our detailed Refund Policy.
Mattress Return Policy Guidelines
Each mattress is accompanied by a 30-day free trial period. If, within the initial 30 days, you find that the new mattress does not meet your satisfaction, you have the option to organize a return at no additional cost.
Fridge Return Policy
You have the option to return a the fridge within a span of 30 days following the delivery date, provided that the appliance has not been installed and is returned in its original packaging . Please be advised that in certain situations, you may be required to cover the manufacturer's restocking fee.

Before proceeding with the installation of your new appliance, we request you to undertake the following precautionary steps to ensure that your product is in perfect condition and matches your order:
  • Carefully examine the exterior of the box for any signs of damage that might have occurred during transportation.
  • Verify that the product name and model number are in alignment with the details mentioned in your order confirmation. This is to ensure that you have received the correct item.
  • Proceed to remove the protective packaging to carry out a thorough inspection of the appliance for any potential damages or inconsistencies.
In the event that you discover a discrepancy in the item received or notice that it has sustained damage, we strongly advise against accepting the delivery. Kindly inform your delivery representative(s) immediately and get in touch with us at your earliest convenience, so we can coordinate a replacement for you. Please be aware that once the appliance has been installed, it will no longer be eligible for return
Cancelling an Order
You have the option to submit a request for the cancellation of any order prior to its shipment by emailing us at or contacting us through the chat. However, please note that submitting a cancellation request does not unequivocally guarantee the cancellation of your order. This is due to the limitations of our cancellation system, which does not permit the cancellation of items once they have entered the preparation phase for shipment.

In the event that you were unable to cancel the order within the stipulated window, you still have the option to proactively arrange for a return. You can initiate this process in anticipation, and proceed to send the item back to us as soon as it is delivered to your location.
Actions to Take if Your Cancellation Request is Denied
  • In case you decide to retain your item(s), no additional steps are required from your end.
  • Should you decide to return any item(s) that you no longer desire, you have the option to initiate the return process once the item(s) have been delivered to you. To commence this process, please contact us by providing your order number and the specific item that you are looking to return.
Cancelling a Return
If you have previously completed the return form but have since reconsidered your decision, there's no cause for concern! Provided that the item remains in your possession, you have the flexibility to conveniently cancel the return process directly by contacting us.

Canceling or Modifying an Order

Prior to finalizing your purchase, you can review the items and the overall cost in your Tescamp shopping cart. Please note that once your order has been submitted, alterations are not possible. If you wish to cancel your order, it's typically possible to do so up to 1 business day after the order has been made. To monitor the progress of an order, please visit the Order Details page on our website.

Partially Canceled Orders

In the event that a product in your order becomes unavailable after your purchase, we'll remove the out-of-stock item from your order and notify you via email. All available items in your order will be dispatched as planned. If your original order met the $40 minimum requirement for shipping but part of your order had to be cancelled due to unavailability, Tescamp will still deliver the rest of your order free of charge. If you wish to receive an alert when the out-of-stock product is replenished, kindly visit its page and register for the 'Notify Me When Available' option. For orders in the U.S., Canada and Europe placed on that include unavailable items, only the out-of-stock items will be cancelled.
Shipping Information
Your order holds significant value to us, and as such, we are steadfastly committed to offering delivery services that are not only speedy but also secure and dependable for every item we handle. To discover the range of delivery options applicable to a particular item, simply visit its respective product page. Here, you will be presented with the various delivery alternatives at your disposal, allowing you to choose the one that aligns best with your preferences when you reach the checkout stage.
Where does Tescamp ship orders from?
To ensure a swift and efficient delivery process, Tescamp dispatches orders from the region closest to the customer's location. For North American customers, orders are shipped from our North American warehouse. For our customers in Europe, orders are dispatched from our warehouse located in Germany. This approach helps us to minimize delivery times and provide you with the best possible shopping experience.
Shipping Costs
The majority of orders are eligible for Free Shipping. Here's more:
  • A standardized shipping fee of $4.99 is levied on orders that amount to less than $35. 
  • Conversely, the majority of orders that exceed a total value of $35 are eligible to benefit from free shipping services.
In addition to the item's price serving as an indicator for the availability of free shipping, we clearly mark the phrase "Free Shipping" wherever it is applicable. 
You can easily spot this notation positioned below the product's price while you are browsing, as well as adjacent to the image(s) on the individual product page. 
In instances where your order does not meet the criteria for free shipping, all related shipping charges will be explicitly detailed in the section showcasing the pricing information, both in your Shopping Cart and throughout the Checkout process.
How do I track my order?
Once your order has shipped, you will receive a tracking number via email. You can use this number to track your order on our website or on the carrier's website.
Shipping Updates & Alerts
Currently, we do not have a physical store. However, we do offer free shipping and free returns, so you can try our products risk-free.
Do you have a physical store?
Maintaining open lines of communication is paramount for us – we pledge to keep you informed at each significant phase of the shipping process via timely notifications sent through both email and SMS (provided that you accepted to recieve them). 
Additionally, we facilitate a feature that allows you to actively track the status and location of your packages here or through the SHOP APP. This way, you are never left in the dark about the whereabouts of your order at any given moment.

Order status & history

Tracking an Order
You can track the status of your order online on our website at the link Click on Track Your Order at the bottom of the page to see your Recent Orders. Click on the order number for the shipment that you would like to track, and a detailed order information page will be displayed. A tracking number is located to the right of the ship-to address and under the shipping method. You'll find the tracking number located next to the delivery address and beneath the shipping method. Click on this number to access detailed tracking data. Here you can examine the tracking history and estimated date of delivery. Please allow between 1 to 3 business days from when your order has been dispatched.
Order Statuses:
Order Submitted - "Placed" Once you have placed your order on and your credit card has been authorized, your order status will appear as "Placed."
Order Processing - "In Progress"
Once you have placed your order, it will be sent to our warehouse to be processed and packed for shipment. During this time, your order status will appear as "In Progress." Please allow 1 - 2 business days for the order to be processed and prepared for shipment.
Order Delivery - "Shipped"
Once we have assigned a tracking number to your order, and it has left our warehouse, the order status will appear as "Shipped."
Order Delivery - "Partially Shipped"
If your order will arrive in multiple shipments, once one of those shipments has left our warehouse, the order status will appear as "Partially Shipped."
Order Returned - "Returned"
Processing a return and crediting your credit card account can take up to a fortnight. When your order has been successfully returned and processed, the order status will display as "Returned." An email confirmation will be sent to you as soon as your return is fully processed.
Does it display Celsius or Fahrenheit?
The temperature display on our Tescamp Tesla refrigerator is region-specific. For units dispatched from our North American warehouses, the temperature is displayed in Celsius. Conversely, units dispatched from our European warehouses display the temperature in Fahrenheit. This means you will receive a unit that aligns with the standard temperature measurement used in your region, ensuring a seamless user experience.
Is the Tescamp Tesla refrigerator compatible with Tesla models other than the Model Y?
No, the Tescamp Tesla refrigerator has been specifically engineered for the Tesla Model Y. The design, including its dimensions and fit, has been tailored to the unique interior specifications of the Model Y, ensuring a seamless integration with the vehicle. As a result, it isn't suitable for use in other Tesla models.

While the Tescamp refrigerator currently only fits the Tesla Model Y, we are always listening to customer feedback and looking at ways to expand our product range. Keep an eye on our website and newsletters for updates on new product releases and modifications.
Does Tescamp have any plans to release the Tesla refrigerator for other Tesla models?
At present, Tescamp does not have immediate plans to expand the Tesla refrigerator line to other models. Our product development decisions are largely influenced by market trends, including the sales volume of various Tesla models each year. 
 However, we are committed to meeting our customers' needs, and we regularly review these trends. If we observe a significant increase in the popularity and sales of other Tesla models, we will certainly consider designing and releasing refrigerator models to accommodate those vehicles. 
 We appreciate your interest and encourage you to keep an eye on our updates for any new product announcements. We are always looking for opportunities to enhance your Tesla camping experience.
What is the warranty for the Tescamp Tesla refrigerator?
Tescamp stands behind the quality of our products. Each Tescamp Tesla refrigerator comes with a one-year warranty covering manufacturing defects. Please note that this warranty does not cover damages caused by improper use, accidents, or wear and tear. Should you encounter any issues with your Tescamp Tesla refrigerator within the warranty period, please contact our customer service team for assistance. Full warranty terms and conditions can be found on our website.

Tescamp Mattress for Tesla Model Y/3

Will the separate mats move out of place while I sleep?
They stay put! The fabric that the mat covers are made out of gently clings to the carpet on the back of the rear seats. Additionally, fitted bedsheets that are wrapped taut over the rear seat head rests and underneath the sub-trunk/cubby cover help keep everything pressed down in place.
Will this TESCAMP fit in my Model S?
It will fit, however, TESCAMP is currently optimized for Model 3 & Y and X. Join our mailing list to be notified as soon as pre-orders open up for different Tesla models.

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