tesla camping mattress comparison

TesCamp tesla camping mattress vs Ikea twin bed & air mattress

When customers search for Tesla camping mattress, a twin bed size mattress from Ikea/Walmart or air mattress may be added to the wish list. My buddy and I tried and we were not happy the bucks we spent. Not worth the money.

$199 ikea twin bed
$99 Decathlon air mattress
Both of them came compressed. The twin bed mattress is easy to set up which only takes time to open and push it into carriage. The feeling is just like sleeping on a twin bed in a Tesla. But it is impossible to restore. You either leave it on your back seats or take it off, which means you are unable to use it whenever you want. The air mattress is small while deflated. However, it took us about 10 minutes to bump it up. Sleeping on it is like.. Uh... Not very comfortable. Lack of support and each time you move, it produces noise which is annoying at night.
Twin Bed mattress TesCamp Air mattress
Preparation time 1m2s 1m51s 4m32s
Restore time Unable 1m44s 3m55s
Fit in sub-truck No Yes Yes


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