10 things that have changed since I started sleeping in my Tesla

Two years ago, the idea of sleeping in my car would have made me laugh. Hotels? Yes. A tent under the stars? Maybe. But my Tesla Model Y? Never! Yet here I am, 24 months into this unorthodox lifestyle, nestled comfortably in my Tesla Mattress, more content than I've ever been on the road. Ever since I made this unusual switch, my life has changed in ways I never anticipated. Here are 10 things that have changed since I started sleeping in my Tesla.

The Pre-Tesla Mattress Life

Before my life-changing decision to embrace the 'Tesla lifestyle,' road trips were a bittersweet experience. Sure, there were moments of awe-inspiring beauty as I journeyed across the country, but they were often offset by the nagging discomforts of life on the road.

My backseat was a jumble of sleeping bags and inflatable mattresses that never quite felt like home. Waking up with a stiff neck or back was par for the course. And let's not even talk about the restless nights spent trying to find a comfortable position on those lumpy inflatables. I always loved the freedom of the open road, but I longed for the comfort of my bed back home.

Before my transformation into a bona fide 'Tesla-bedder,' I was an ardent lover of road trips, passionate about the allure of unexplored highways and the tantalizing freedom that they promised. I'd always jump at the chance to travel, my Tesla Model Y my faithful companion on these adventures. But despite the thrill of exploration, there was an inconvenient truth I couldn't ignore - the physical discomfort of life on the road.

The backseat of my Model Y, while spacious for a car, was not meant for sleeping. I’d tried all sorts of sleeping arrangements – from foldable foam mattresses to blow-up beds – but nothing really worked. Each addition was just another item in the never-ending list of 'road trip essentials' that made packing more of a chore than it should have been.

Sleeping bags became my best try, but they, too, were flawed. They'd bundle up at my feet, or I'd roll over and find myself cocooned in an uncomfortably warm wrap. Inflatable mattresses weren't much better. Even the high-rated ones I'd bought, hoping for a restful night, would slowly deflate, leaving me sunk in the middle by morning. They were never firm enough, never wide enough, and always cold against my back.

Waking up with a stiff neck or aching back was more common than I'd like to admit. There were nights when I'd toss and turn, unable to find a comfortable spot, dreading the dawn that brought with it another day of travel on too little sleep. I would park my car at the most beautiful camping spots, with the most breathtaking views, but the discomfort of sleeping in the car overshadowed those idyllic experiences.

I remember one particular night, parked by the rim of the Grand Canyon. The sky was a glittering canvas of stars, the silence around almost mystical. It was a scene straight out of a travel magazine, and yet, all I could think of was how much I missed my bed back home. That's when I realized something needed to change.

The Decision to Sleep in My Tesla

Longing for a solution to my discomfort, I started researching. I read forum threads and articles, watched YouTube videos, and joined social media groups for road trippers, seeking advice and suggestions. Many had faced the same problems as me, and several solutions were proposed - but one caught my attention: a mattress designed specifically for the Tesla Model Y.

The Tescamp Model Y Mattress, as it was called, was being touted as a game-changer. It was custom-fitted for the backseat of a Tesla, made with high-quality memory foam for maximum comfort, and portable enough to not turn packing into a hassle.

I was intrigued, but skeptical. Could a mattress really make that much of a difference? Would it be worth the investment? Despite my doubts, I decided to give it a try - after all, my love for road trips and desire for a good night's sleep were motivation enough.

10 Things That Have Changed

Spontaneous Road Trips Are Even Better Now

Armed with the Tesla Mattress, I feel more free to go on spontaneous trips. I don’t have to worry about finding a decent motel at the last minute, or dread a night of discomfort on the backseat. The world is my oyster and my Tesla is my home on wheels.

Saving Big on Accommodation

Having a comfortable bed in my car has helped me save significantly on accommodation costs. No more shelling out for overpriced motel rooms or campsites. My Tesla Model Y with the Tesla Mattress has become my cozy, personal accommodation, letting me allocate those funds to enjoy my travels more.

My Packing List Just Got Shorter

The Tesla Mattress has simplified my packing process. There's no need to haul around bulky sleeping bags or inflatable beds - just the Tesla Mattress, which fits perfectly in the back of my Model Y. I can pack less and enjoy more.

Comfort of Home, Wherever I Go

With the Tesla Mattress, I've been able to bring a piece of home with me wherever I go. No matter where I park to sleep, whether it's by a beach or in the woods, I can always count on a good night's sleep.

Experiencing the Great Outdoors Like Never Before

With the Tesla Mattress in my car, every place with a stunning view has become my potential bedroom. Whether it's parking next to a serene lake or under a sky full of stars, the Tesla Mattress has allowed me to experience the great outdoors in a whole new way.

Enjoying Night Drives More Than Ever

Driving late into the night isn't as daunting anymore. When I feel tired, I can pull over, climb into the backseat, and be instantly comfortable on my Tesla Mattress. No more pushing myself to reach a motel for the night.

Morning Yoga in the Most Picturesque Settings

I love starting my day with yoga, but it used to be a challenge during road trips. Now, with the extra space saved by the Tesla Mattress, I can pack my yoga mat and enjoy my morning routine amidst the most scenic settings.

No More Dreaded Packing Up Time

Remembering the hassle of deflating and packing up inflatable beds gives me the chills. But with the Tesla Mattress, packing up is as easy as folding it and placing it in the boot. This leaves more time to enjoy the final moments at a beautiful location.

Every Road Trip Feels Like a Mini Vacation

Sleeping on the Tesla Mattress, I'm as comfortable as I am in a nice hotel room. Even when I'm on the road for days, it feels like a vacation rather than an endurance test. This has made every road trip more enjoyable and relaxing.

Since I introduced the Tesla Mattress into my road trip routine, my experiences have improved in ways I could not have imagined. Not only have I found a solution to the discomfort I used to endure, but I've also discovered a range of unexpected benefits, from the freedom to take spontaneous trips to considerable savings on accommodations. Every road trip now feels like a mini vacation, and I can truly say that my love for the open road has deepened.

If you've been struggling with uncomfortable sleep on your journeys, or simply want to upgrade your road trip experiences, I cannot recommend the Tesla Mattress enough. It's been a game-changer for me, and I believe it can be for you too.

Conclusion: is it worth it?

Absolutely yes, and the reasons are clear.

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